FIFA 16 – What are loan players?
12.01.2016 14:37

Loan players are back this year in FIFA Ultimate Team, and can inject that extra bit of quality into your squad for a few games and prove vital in key fixtures. Finding these loan players and knowing how to implement them into your team can be tricky at first, so VideoGamer has put together a guide to help you get the most out of the system, as well as a complete list of every loan player in the game.You can get fifa coins for sale here to improve your skill.


FIFA 16 – What are loan players?

Loan players are stars which can be used for a limited number of games in FIFA Ultimate Team. They can be purchased from the EAS FC Catalogue for FCC, which is earned by simply playing FIFA 16. Everything you do, across all modes, accrues this currency, and it cannot be purchased with a microtransaction.

These loan players can be bought by yourself, or gifted to a friend. Depending on your FIFA player level, better loan players will be available to you, from a shiny silver at level 5 all the way up to Cristiano Ronaldo at level 50.

You cannot apply contracts to these cards to extend their loan spell, but training, fitness, chemistry styles and other consumables can be used, though it'd be a bit of a waste considering their limited availability.

How do I get loan players in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team?

Head into the EAS FC catalogue, either by clicking the right stick or via Customise > Catalogue. From here, you can browse which players are available to you. The only downside is that you cannot view a player's stats, nationality, position or club, so if you want to find out more about the lesser-known stars to see if they'd fit in your Ultimate Team, you'd going to have to first search for them in the transfer market to check their original card.

Once you acquire a loan player, the next time you boot up Ultimate Team the card will be available in the 'New Items' tab to be placed into a squad.To get more fut16coin  and improve your skill you can click here.


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